We all write Press Releases (PRs) at some point in our marketing or business owning carreers.  If you are uncertain how to begin your PR you can always go out to the website of a few of your more reputable competitors and see what format they follow when they write their PRs.  This will give you a good template to use but ensures that you will have a PR that is as boring and dry as everyone else’s.  A good PR is picked up by other writers if they find it interesting or newsworthy.  A well written PR will be redistributed, rewritten about and create much more buzz than the thousands of other daily $1000 wire submissions.  Getting picked up by others is what gets you your value from your PRs.

I came across this very well written article by Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing.  In this article she shows you how to approach your PR as a story to make it compelling and give it a snowball’s chance in hell of being picked up by other writers and reposted.

4 Ways to Build Storytelling into Press Releases

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